Research in Quality of Life / Quality of Care

The Douglas Holmes Award, sponsored by the Research in Quality of Care (RESQCARE) Interest Group, honors Dr. Douglas Holmes, a noted psychologist who dedicated his life’s work to improving social services for the elderly. In collaboration with RESQCARE Interest Group, GSA is hosting a best paper competition in the area of research with potential to improve long-term care.

The award carries a $500 cash prize, in hopes of encouraging this important and promising research in improving long-term care to the elderly aging in place, and those in assisted living centers and nursing homes. The award will be presented to the author(s) of the winning paper at GSA’s Annual Scientific Meeting at the RESQCARE Interest Group Meeting.

Final Submission Deadline
Last Monday in September


  • Applicants must be a current ESPO member of GSA
  • Eligibility is limited to those who are no more than 5 years post doctorate by the final submission deadline
  • Applicants must submit an abstract for the GSA's Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • The abstract must be accepted for the conference
  • The student must present at GSA's Annual Scientific Meeting

Once accepted, applicants must submit a paper on research in improving long-term care. The winner(s) will be expected to give an additional presentation of their paper at the RESQCARE Interest Group Meeting at the conference. The paper must…

  • be original and not currently under review or copyrighted by a journal, book, or other form of publication;
  • push the envelope of current conceptualization;
  • be approximately 20 pages in length using APA style guidelines;
  • be available for future publication in book or journal form.

If the manuscript was co-authored, the submission must include a statement from any additional authors verifying that the work was primarily the applicant's.


In order to apply for The Douglas Homes Award for Quality of Life/Quality of Care, please send your nomination packet to with a subject of "Douglas Homes Award for Quality of Life/Quality of Care Paper Award - YOUR NAME HERE." Please remember to substitute your name in the subject line.

For the revised award language. please click on the link below: